About Us

Biotecnol Limited is private a biotechnology company owning and exploiting the exclusive rights to the Tribody™ format, a proprietary technology that harbors the potential to engineer the next generation of antibody-based therapeutics.

Biotecnol is working in the field of immuno-oncology and is using proprietary antibody-based technologies to engineer and develop highly- targeted therapeutic products which utilize a patient’s own immune system to fight cancer. These powerful approaches are based on directing a patient own T-Cells or NK-Cells to kill the tumours. These T and NK cells white blood cells are the most potent cells of the human immune system.  Other strategies being developed by Biotecnol, include means to modulate key immune-checkpoint regulators for manipulating endogenous anti-tumour immunity.

Biotecnol engineers Tribody™ molecules, which are multi-specific antibody products that utilize the natural in vivo heterodimerization of Fab fragments to form a scaffold, upon which additional functionality can be incorporated. As a result a Tribody™ molecule is characterized by an unsurpassed versatility; they can incorporate up to three different binding sites and can combine different functions, such as the ability to recruit potent immune effector cells like T-cells or NK-cells whilst retaining the ability to target more than one epitope in a tumor target antigen, or more than one target antigen in the same tumor, all in one single molecule.

Biotecnol has developed internally a unique and standardized Tribody™ generation plarform called Trisoma™  and is using it for developing a proprietary pipeline of products in selected oncology indications. The expertise derived from these activities is continuing to broaden the core capabilities and Intellectual Property position of the underlying Tribody format and respective Tribody products.

Biotecnol leverages two of its core assets, namely its granted Intellectual Property position and its fully-integrated capabilities for the development of biopharmaceutical products. Most activities are performed right from the early translational biology stage, pre-clinical stage and up to development of robust manufacturing processes, an area recognized as being challenging for achieving consistent and well characterized manufacturing and scalable processes for the production of multi-specific antibodies.

Biotecnol’s efforts and resources are focused on the generation of a high-value proprietary pipeline in selected oncology indications, such as Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC), Malignant Mesothelioma and other solid and non-solid tumours.