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Biotecnol selects its lead candidate Tb535 to enter into pre-clinical development

6 December, 2013. Biotecnol has successfully engineered and tested a highly-stable humanized Tribody™ which combines 3 binding sites, two directed to the a pan-carcinoma tumour-associated antigen with a sub-nanomolar affinity constant, and a third monovalent binding specificity to its proprietary anti-CD3 antibody.

Tb535 demonstrated low-picomolar EC50 values for cytotoxicity towards several human carcinoma cell lines, in an in-vitro assay using PBMC from healthy human donors. Biotecnol will further take Tb535 into pre-clinical development during 2014.

About the Tribody™ format

Tribody™ molecules are multi-specific antibodies, produced by established recombinant DNA technology methods, which utilize the natural in vivo heterodimerization of Fab fragments to form a scaffold, upon which additional functionality can be incorporated. As a result Tribodies are characterized by an unsurpassed versatility; they can incorporate up to three different binding sites and can combine different functions, such as the ability to engage and redirect potent immune-effector cells like T-cells or NK-cells whilst retaining the ability to target more than one epitope in a tumor target, or more than one target in the same tumour, all in one single molecule.

About Biotecnol

Biotecnol is an immune-oncology company with a strong track-record in antibody drug development. The company has a proprietary antibody format -Tribody™- for engaging various immunological effector functions including T-cells, to destroy cancer cells. The Company is looking to strengthen this solid asset base of new agents in the immune-oncology field, by developing candidates with a dual approach involving novel targets. Biotecnol has fully integrated capabilities that allow the company to run and effectively manage its own drug development programmes, right from the antibody selection process to clinic proof of concept.

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