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Biotecnol appoints Kees Lucas as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

2 October, 2014. Biotecnol has appointed Kees Lucas as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Kees has had a long and distinguished career in science, pharmaceuticals and business development and is now a key part of the leadership process at Biotecnol.

Kees experience in oncology was developed at Biogen (now Biogen Idec), where he created a large number of research alliances and led the team that wrote the oncology strategy for Biogen.

His experience is as a Non-Executive Director of several biotech companies is well proven. He held Director positions at Chiron, Novartis, Norwood, Bionest, Parteurop, Theraptosis, Faust, Imaxio, Erytech, Envivo, Kempen&Co, Pharmexa, DNAge, CMP Therapeuticals, Inventages, HLA-G technologies, Synvolux and Pfizer. He also worked for several VC’s and investment banks.

About Biotecnol

Biotecnol is an immune-oncology company with a strong track-record in antibody drug development. The company has a proprietary antibody format -Tribody™- for engaging various immunological effector functions including T-cells, to destroy cancer cells. The Company is looking to strengthen this solid asset base of new agents in the immune-oncology field, by developing candidates with a dual approach involving novel targets. Biotecnol has fully integrated capabilities that allow the company to run and effectively manage its own drug development programmes, right from the antibody selection process to clinic proof of concept.

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