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A Novel Human anti-HER2 Triparatopic Tribody shows superior efficacy in addressing monotherapy drug resistance and tumour heterogeneity in resistant breast cancer tumours

Biotecnol and University of Naples published a study on Journal of Immunology, Volume 40 - Issue 4 - p 117, showing the flexibility and versatility of its Tribody™ and Trisoma® platforms. The team assembled a multiparatope Tribody Tb-TPE which was able to bind to a wider population of tumor cells as it also recognized epitopes present in trastuzumab-resistant tumour cells expressing a receptor that either lacks some extracellular regions, such as the oncogenic D16HER2 variant, or masks some domains in the interaction with other receptors, such as MUC4 in JIMT-1 cells, CD44 or other membrane surface proteins in other cell lines, thus providing a useful tool to overcome resistance.

The new construct combines in 1 single molecule 3 different targeting approaches and antitumor actions of 3 different antibodies, such as trastuzumab, pertuzumab, and a proprietary anti-HER2 binder which recognises a different epitope, and it allows to reduce the costs of antibody production as only 1 construct provides the effects of 3 different antibodies.

The study concluded that a triparatope Tribody to ErbB2/ HER2 had the potential to become a best-in-class therapeutic to address monotherapy drug resistance and tumour heterogeneity and therefore bring clinical benefits for longer periods of time and to a larger patient population. Furthermore such an approach could be used in immune-modulation with key immune-checkpoints.

About Biotecnol Limited

Biotecnol Limited is an immuno-oncology company developing innovative immune-function activating and immune-function modulation approaches for treating cancer. These approaches seek to recruit or to modulate the body’s own immune defences such as T cells and NK cells to kill tumours. Biotecnol multi-specific antibody products are based on its proprietary Tribody™ and Trisoma® platforms, which are comprised of a variety of formats with key properties. Under the Trisoma® platform, Biotecnol has developed a novel format known as Targeted T-cell Engaging Agonistic Response Modifiers or iChecks™.These products aim at improving tumour cell dependent T-cell or NK-cell activation. The iCheck™ formats are expected to achieve a more localized immune-function activation and obtain less or no systemic toxicity, whilst having an increased therapeutic index.These are potentially safer and more effective drugs for treating highly-heterogeneous and highly-aggressive solid tumours.

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