Biotecnol uses its technologies to develop therapeutic products which activate different immunological effector functions such as Killer T-Cells (T-lymphocytes that kill cancer cells) or Natural Killer Cells (cytotoxic lymphocyte that kills cancer cell), to engage and destroy tumours. Other strategies being developed by Biotecnol, include means to modulate Immune Check Points, which are regulators of various cell pathways that have key roles in manipulating endogenous anti-tumour immunity. For example an Immune Checkpoint Inhibior, takes the brakes off the T-cells, freeing them to fight the cancer.

Biotecnol has therefore the potential to develop various combinations of treatment in this exciting space of cancer immunotherapy, either by using its own products or using products from chosen partners, which could contribute significantly to realize the full potential of cancer immunotherapy in fighting highly heterogeneous cancers.