Tribody™ Technology

The Tribody  technology enables the generation of multi-specific antibody products. This unique technology overcomes the key shortcomings of conventional mono- as well as of currently developed bi-specific antibody formats. With the Tribodytechnology, Biotecnol can engineer and assemble recombinant antibodies in a rational manner in order to design a chosen mechanism of action to address the killing of a specific tumour type. An anti-CD3 antibody which binds the T-cells is engineered in the Tribody "scaffold" where additional tumour antigens are also engineered. The Tribody™ then crosslinks  tumour antigens and T-cells to initiate the tumour-cell killing process.

Tribody molecules are generated via the natural in vivo heterodimerization of Fab fragments to form a scaffold (the process carried out in just one reaction in vivo and there is no chemical nor any other means of conjugation nor attachment), upon which three  specific antibodies are incorporated. The resulting molecules are stable and easy to produce in a single batch, without the need of additional post-production reactions other than purification. Tribodies are successfully produced in standard mammalian cell technology (CHO technology) using well-established methods.


Tribodies have several advantages compared to other bi-specific formats:

Tribodies also exhibit superior pharmacokinetics characteristics and improved therapeutic performances in experimental models: