Trisoma® is a high-throughput, powerful and well-controlled platform based on proprietary methods and protocols for generating and characterizing a Tribody™ candidate drug substance. 

The Trisoma® platform is used for the assembly, engineering and testing of each Tribody™ molecule. Mastering the operation of the Trisoma® platform, is central for the generation of the pipeline of products for Biotecnol. Also, it allows the Company to enter into R&D collaborations with third-parties, under the aegis of collaborative deals.

The combinatorial nature of a Tribody format grants it an unsurpassed versatility when compared to other existing and competing formats. Tribody™ molecules can be constructed using 3 distinct binders (tri-specific), 2 distinct binders with one in double copy (bivalent, bi-specific), or three copies of the same binder (trivalent). For construction of Tribody™ molecules with Cytotoxic T-lymphocytes engagement capacity, one of the scFV is anti-CD3 in order to bind to the T-cell receptor (TCR)–CD3 complex. In this case, the Tribody™ can be constructed as bivalent or monovalent to a cancer target binder, with 2 distinct binders or the same binder in Fab and scFv arms. The same concept is applied for any other effector function e.g. anti-CD16 for Natural Killer cells recruitment.

Biotecnol is constantly improving on the engineering of the Tribody™ scaffold and its associated technology in order to build new intellectual property and optimise the characteristics of such versatile technology