Trisoma® is a high-throughput, powerful and well-controlled platform based on proprietary methods and protocols for generating and characterizing a Tribody™ candidate drug substance. The Trisoma® platform is used for the assembly, engineering and testing of various Tribody™ molecules with various distinct properties under various structural formats with optimal stability and desired pharmacological properties in terms of bioavailabity.

Under the Trisoma® platform, Biotecnol has developed a novel format known as "Targeted T-cell Engaging Agonistic Response Modifiers" or iChecks™. These products aim at improving tumour cell dependent T-cell or NK-cell activation. The iCheck™ formats are expected to achieve a more localized immune-function activation and obtain less or no systemic toxicity, whilst having an increased therapeutic index.These are potentially safer and more effective drugs for treating highly-heterogeneous and highly-aggressive solid tumours.

Biotecnol is constantly improving on the engineering of the Trisoma® platform and its associated technology in order to build new intellectual property and optimise the characteristics of such versatile Tribody™ derived molecules.