About Us

Immuno-oncology is a rapidly evolving and complex field that offers great potential to deliver substantial benefits to patients with a range of different cancers. A number of approved therapies already exist that offer impressive and long lasting responses in some patients.

Biotecnol is working in this field of immuno-oncology and is using proprietary antibody-based technologies to engineer and develop highly- targeted therapeutic products which utilize a patient’s own immune system to fight cancer. These powerful approaches are based on directing or modulating a patient's own T-Cells or NK-Cells to kill the tumours. These T and NK white blood cells are the most potent killing-cells of the human immune system.  Other strategies being developed by Biotecnol, include means to modulate key immune-checkpoint regulators for manipulating endogenous anti-tumour immunity, again using the patient's own immune-system.

Biotecnol engineers Tribody™ molecules, which are multi-specific antibody products i.e. highly specific and highly directed molecules with more than one function. As a result a Tribody™ molecule is characterized by an unsurpassed versatility and ease of manipulation; they are engineered to incorporate up to three different specific binding sites (imagine as an analogy, "3 specific magnets" engineered and linked together in one single unit, with selectivity to a "specific metal" of your choice) which when assembled, can combine different immunological and targeting function. For example they have the ability to recruit potent immune-effector cells like T-cells or NK-cells whilst retaining the ability to direct them to the tumour by target with high precision, more than one "epitope", (which is a binding site in a tumor cell), or more than one target antigen (a biological marker expressed by a cancer cell) in the same tumor, all with one single molecule. These approaches are powerful tools to address the treatment of highly heterogeneous and highly aggressive tumours.

Biotecnol’s efforts and resources are focused on the generation of a high-value proprietary pipeline of immune-oncology drugs to treat cancers with high unmet-need. These include thoracic cancers such as malignant mesothelioma, small-cell lung carcinoma (SCLC) and non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), for which survival remains very low, triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) and kidney cancer.

Clinical research in oncology has evolved significantly over the last 5 years. Novel protocols using combination therapies of a variety of novel biological and traditional chemical agents have shown great promise in managing survival in cancer patients. Biotecnol’s strategy is to work with top cancer institutions in the immune-oncology field which will help the company to accelerate the development of cutting-edge therapeutic approaches to fight cancer, especially in solid tumours, an area which is in great demand for effective products.