Biotecnol is actively exploring partnering activities that can complement our expertise in biologics product development, with relevant scientific as well as clinical and business capabilities.

Biotecnol has a very good handling of its Tribody Platform and has a very efficient R&D engine for generating Tribody products in collaboration with chosen partners.

Biotecnol aims to form partnerships based on its proprietary Tribody Platform and its in-house product portfolio. There are several options for a collaboration with Biotecnol:

Own, fully integrated development capabilities are a strong asset upon which the company leverages upon. This enables Biotecnol to identify the right product candidates from an early stage, and move them quickly through the development process according to its internal quality policy implemented on strict operational and regulatory guidelines for the development of biological products. Such a philosophy makes Biotecnol an attractive partner for the development of multifunctional antibody products.

Partnering contact: